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Our Projects

During the spring of 2023, Mount Moriah will be working on establishing guidelines for the following projects. It is projected that the Festival will be held in July 2023 and the first annual scholarship to be presented in December 2023.


Sierra Arts Festival

An annual arts festival for children and youth in care, as well as SFAA/TAP clients.

Topics covered include:

  • video making

  • photography

  • arts and crafts

  • drumming

  • hoop dancing

Registrants will have completed a project at the end of the Festival which will be showcased during a banquet on the final day.

Registration (Available May 15 2023)

Moriah Incentive Awards

Two small incentive awards will be awarded annually:

  • Given to a youth/teen in care who shows a willingness to further their education. This would include good attendance, getting up without complaint, doing homework when necessary and doing their best in examinations. This would follow a nomination process by caseworkers. The amount of the award is $1500.

  • Given to our company's current residents who meet the previous guidelines, but who also are in pursuit of part-time work and who show an appreciation for the supports given by their agency. Mount Moriah Homes will make this annual determination. The amount of the award is $1000.

Nomination Info (Available Nov 1, 2023)
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